Configure Netflow on Cisco Catalyst WS-C3650-48PD

DR-Switch(config)# flow record record-1 match ipv4 protocol match ipv4 source address match ipv4 destination address match transport source-port match transport destination-port match transport icmp ipv4 type match transport icmp ipv4 code match flow direction collect transport tcp flags collect counter bytes long collect counter packets long ! ! DR-Switch(config)#flow exporter exporter-1 destination X.X.X.X source VlanX transport udp 9996 ! ! DR-Switch(config)# flow monitor monitor-1 exporter exporter-1 record record-1 ! ! DR-Switch(config)#sampler sampler-1 mode random 1 out-of 10

  1. After you finish the configuration you need to apply it on the interface that you want.


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