The reason I switched to Outlook (WPA) Web App.

For a long time, I used Outlook as my email client.

Previously, I'd used it on both Mac and Windows, but this is the first time I've deleted the desktop versions and started to use the Web version instead.

The installation process was extremely simple and straightforward, and the user experience was superb.

I am going to share with you the top reasons why I stopped using the Outlook apps and started using the Outlook Web App instead.

Here is my number one reason! Administrators and users benefit from the fact that Outlook web apps are instantly synchronized with changes. It takes a few minutes until the changes are applied in the web app.

The installation of the Outlook WebApp is so simple that it takes no more than a minute for it to fully install, set up, and work with its features.

Please follow the instructions below to get started.

Install Outlook WebApp in Google Chrome
  1. In Google Chrome, sign in to Outlook on the web or account.

  2. Select Customize and control Google Chrome at the top of the window.

  3. Select Install Outlook.

Outlook WebApp Settings

First, let's have a look at our Outlook WebApp setting and see how we can customize it.

By clicking on the gear wheel icon (Quick Settings), we can see that we can change the theme, enable dark mode, disable the unwanted focused inbox feature, as well as enable Desktop Notifications and enable conversation view mode and more.

When you click on View all Outlook settings and click on Mails, you will also be able to add or remove email rules, manage all your "block and safe senders" in Junk Mail, customize your most frequently used actions, change your signature, and much more.

Easy access to shared mailboxes

In order to add your shared mailbox, all you need to do is right click on one of the Folders and select Add shared mailbox


Sticky notes directly in your outlook

Inside the Outlook WebApp, you can create notes from the OneNote feed or from your email messages (just use your mouse to hiighlight word or phrases you want to keep.Then click the "Add note" button),

as well as sync your Samsung Notes with Outlook And also you can drag and add your note directly to your emails

Quickly Access Events and ToDo tasks.

Using this feature you have the option to look at your calendar events quickly, use the Microsoft ToDo App, and sync all of your tasks from any device to Outlook.

Calendar Features

On the calendar we have the option of changing the view to "Split View" and adding Holidays, sharing your calendar with other accounts and creating your own "Dashboard"

Split View
SplitView feature Image

Add Holidays to your calendar
Add Holidays image


Create a board

Think of the board as a visual planner that you can design however you like by adding and moving around items in it.

  1. Go to the calendar and select the views menu – It could be set to Day, Week, Work week, or Month.

  2. Then select Board > New board, give your board a name and then select Create.

Here are few of the items that you can add to your board:

  • Calendar: You can add multiple calendar items and see different calendars side by side.

  • Task Lists: You can now add your existing task lists from To Do to your board.

  • Clock: Keep track of different time zones to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues around the world.

  • Tips: Learn how to get the most out of the board view.


You can view all your attachments at once

Manage your Groups

The Groups section allows you to review all the groups you belong to or own

In the groups you are the owner of, you can edit the group's details, invite others, and completele manage the members of that group.


Overall the outlook web app package comes with a lot of useful features and functionalities which are aimed at increasing productivity with a great user experience.

Through reading this post, I hope you better understand why the outlook webapp can be great alternative for the full desktop outlook app.

I encourage you to check out my website to read more articles like this on various topics related to information technology.

Thank you

Meni Tasa

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